Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lullabies...for Grown-Ups?

When our young grandchildren stay all night with their papaw and I, we will usually play lullaby music all night long. We access an 8 hour loop of lullabies from the internet (youtube, I think it is).  The kids seem to sleep better while the music (instrumentals only - no vocals)  plays softly in the background. 

My husband works nights, and so he must sleep during the day when the grandkids are at our house.  To drown out the kids' noises,while he is falling asleep, my husband will often play Andy Griffith videos in his room, or listen to Bible tapes.  Recently he began listening to gospel music on his laptop computer.

A few days ago, my 5 year old grandson entered his Papaw's room while he was sleeping.  My grandson soon came back out and came up to me, grinning for all he was worth.  "Papaw's listening to lullabies!" he said. He laughed, and then added, "Lullabies for grown-ups!" 

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  1. Very cute ;) I like falling asleep listening to music too, but don't very often.


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