Monday, February 23, 2015

Been Quite A While Since I've Been On Here...

My 6 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter have finished their history timeline.  Great job kids!  

My grandson now has a pen pal.  Here he is with the first letter and some artwork that he received.  Very exciting!  

My preschool-aged granddaughter is becoming quite an artist!  This is something that she sat down and drew on her own without prompting. 

 My grandson was thrilled to receive some patches from a retired Air Force friend of ours.  They set off his army costume quite nicely, don't you think? 

My southern Appalachian town this past week...a winter storm just about swallowed us up.   Lots of damages to real estate and personal property.  Prayers for a swift recovery are appreciated.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Duck Dynasty According to the Grandkids...

 A free beard came with one of the Duck Dynasty dvds that my husband purchased a few weeks ago.  My grandson already had one of their caps, so the beard was enthusiastically welcomed: 


Of course, my granddaughter had to try it on.  This is how she wore it:  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Oh, fiddlestix !!!

Fiddlestix and Lincoln Logs were popular toys when I was a kid back in the 1960s/70s, and are still much loved today!  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weather Tracking / Sept. 2014

Types of weather for the month of Sept. 2014:  
Sunny, Partly Cloudy with no rain, Partly Cloudy with rain, Cloudy with no rain, Cloudy with rain

Learning to Graph information for comparison:


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Learn to Draw Animals (step-by-step instructions for 26 captivating creatures)

My (just turned 4 year old and soon-to-be 6 year old) grandchildren are doing their art lessons together.  We are using the book, Learn to Draw Animals (for ages 6+) , as part of their art curriculum this year.

Illustrated by:  Diana Fisher

Here is a sample page, along with the kids' versions:

Not bad for such young beginners.  I think I will like using this book. I am sure I will learn much as well, considering my utter lack of talent in this field.  

 Another drawing my little grandson did, using this book as a guide:


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

View Master "DVDs" !

 Some things will never grow old.  (My grandson thought these View Master reels were DVDs when he first saw them.)  I had stored them in a shoebox in a closet after my own kids "outgrew" them.   Some of the reels had belonged to my husband and his siblings when they were young.  Some may be 40 or more years old.  Others,  were purchased as late as the mid-1990s, I think, for my own kids.  I found them and presented them to my grandkids - who found them to be quite a treat! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Favorite Care Bear (art), Number Line Math, & Learning to Read...

My Granddaughter is always proud of her work!
She has just begun her second year of Pre-School / Pre-K.

My Grandson is so excited that he has finally learned how to draw a star!
He has just begun grade 1 at age 5.  

My Grandson has learned how to add and subtract single digit numbers using a number line, his fingers, blocks, or whatever is handy.  (Memorizing the addition and subtraction facts will come as time goes by.  Understanding must come first!)  


My Grandson can now read many simple, short-vowel words.  He has recently taken a practice Spelling test (his first one) and scored 80%.  How encouraging it is to see your efforts as a homeschooling parent bearing fruit!  

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Homeschool 2014 / Grades: 1st & Pre-K

We have begun our study of History by making a Timeline.

I am so glad that my grandchildren are able to study some subjects together, such as History, Science, and Art.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alphabet Visual Aid...

I have finally managed to put my alphabet visual aid (from Walmart) on display in my classroom.  I especially like my paper holder / organizer, which I have now hung on hooks over my bathroom door. When I bought it two years ago, I initially hung it on the wall.

  I think I prefer it on the door! The paper organizer can be purchased from S&S Worldwide  (item #RS289)

Friday, July 4, 2014

"I look like Mommaw!"

Yep!  More than you even realize!  LOL !!!

I came across this picture of my granddaughter recently, and just had to post it!  It was taken about a year or so ago, when she was around two and a half, I think.  Anyway, this photo does rather remind me of how I probably look to my grandkids as I supervise their classes.  Ha! Ha!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Science is Fun! A Closer Look at the Firefly...

We found a firefly in the house last Friday, and we put it in a zip-lock bag to keep until we got a chance to examine it further.  Today, in class, we took a closer look.  First, we went online to view a video about fireflies - to watch them in action, lighting up the night.  We also read facts about fireflies.  Did you know that some forms of fireflies will eat other fireflies?  Yep!  They also give off a poisonous substance when touched by something they perceive to be a threat.  This poison can kill some species of insects and possibly small reptiles.  Wow!  I did not know that!  I have even heard that a child has died after handling fireflies and eating without washing hands first.  Eeeek!  I did make sure my babies washed their hands after examining their firefly.  But, then I think of all the fireflies that my brother and I used to catch as kids.  We would put them into a glass jar with a lid to seal them in, then take them inside our home to watch as we lay in bed at night.  Gulp!  I don't remember washing my hands afterward!  But then, I'm sure since we had been outside playing for so long, Mom would have put us straight into the tub as soon as we came in (or one of us anyway)!    But, then, what about the one who did not go into the tub right away?  Did my brother (or I) eat with unwashed hands?  Yikes!  Why are we even alive today?

Oh, well!  No use worrying about it now, huh?

Friday, June 6, 2014

"But, I don't want to do school today!"

Okay, let's face it!  Despite the fact that homeschooling (for the most part) is much less stressful and loads more fun than other forms of schooling, there ARE occasional days that someone just does not feel up to doing school work or special projects.  You know those days...the sun is shining, the air is fresh, and someone just wants to spend the whole day PLAYING outdoors; or perhaps it is raining, and gloomy, and someone just feels LAZY and wants to curl up on the couch and watch a favorite cartoon instead of doing anything that remotely resembles education.

Well, recently we had one of those days.  My grandbabies arrived.  (Both parents work.)  I fed them breakfast.  Time for school.   My 5 year old (grade K) grandson says to me, "But, I don't want to do school today!"

"We have to do school," I say.

"But, WHY do we have to do school?" he whines.

"Because it's the LAW, and I don't want the police showing up at my door!" I explain.

Without missing a beat, my grandson exclaims, "Then don't answer the door!!!"

He's a little stinker!  LOL !!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting ready to wrap things up for the year...

We will soon be officially ending our 2013-14 school year, but we will still be doing periodic reviews in Math and Phonics throughout the summer.  My 3 and 5 year old grandbabies have learned much during this school year.  Notably, the 5 year old is now learning to read and write three and four letter words, and do simple addition and subtraction, among many other things.  He does still need to learn to tie shoe laces, however;  so, perhaps we could work on that during the summer.  The 3 year old has learned to recognize several shapes, many colors, her numbers to 12, many of her letters, and she knows how to spell her name.  Yay!  Really, they both have learned too much to list here.  I am very proud of them!  I feel that my grandson is ready to move on First Grade in the Fall, while my granddaughter will be doing her Pre-K/age 4 curriculum, and perhaps some grade K work.

Congratulations, my  precious babies, on a job well done!  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Patience, please...

I have not posted in quite a while because things around here have been so hectic.  Major plumbing problems have caused us to close down our school room.  The adjoining bathroom floor has had to be torn up and replaced.  Our classroom's storage units and tables have had to be covered in bed sheets in an attempt to prevent dust build up on the furniture.  Also, the kids' baby brother (my youngest grandchild) has been sick and hospitalized a couple of times in the past few weeks.  Schooling has had to be done at the kitchen table, using only the bare necessities of their curriculum.  So, we have no pics to show right now.  Even Easter could not be properly celebrated, as the baby was in the hospital at that time.  Despite the fact that we are about 2 weeks behind in our lessons, if no other major catastrophes occur anytime soon, we should be officially done with this school year on May 30.    However, to help my grandchildren retain the knowledge they have acquired during this school year, we will be doing periodic review throughout the summer. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Craft...

Not only did the kids' "wearing of the green" craft project help prevent them from being pinched, (who started that crazy tradition, anyway? lol!) but it also set the stage for learning how St. Patrick used Ireland's own shamrock (three leafed clover) to teach the natives about the Trinity (the three manifestations of the one God).